Veranda Project: Perimeter Masonry (Phase 2)

After a year of no progress, the Perimeter Masonry phase of the Tuscan Veranda Project continues. The first task in the project involves a crescent planter around a Desert Willow tree. For this, I built a reinforced footing to support the brickwork that composes the crescent.

Crescent garden

The planter took a few weeks to build because I only had time to process about 19 bricks a day.

 Crescent garden masonry

After completion of the crescent, I ran schedule 40 PVC from the water source to the step planters.

Stairs irrigation

From the step planters, more schedule 40 to the crescent planter.

Crescent garden irrigation

The planter required quite a bit of garden loam, of which I had about 4 cubic yards delivered. After filling the planter with the loam, I planted five dwarf rose plants.

Crescent garden completed