Tuscan Veranda: Phase 3

For years, we have been holding our "bacon fry" events around a beat-up Coleman grill. Not that anyone had a problem with this, but I wanted to build something more permanant where we could build our wood fires. The idea was to build a stone firepit surrounded by a stone wall. The first task was to build the wall. To get an idea of the wall's patch, I staged a bacon fry scenario and dug the footing around it.

Wall footing

I had the local building materials place deliver a few tons of stone.

Wall stone delivered

To support the weight of the stonework, I poured the footing.

Footing poured

At intervals, I installed drain pipes in the wall for drainage.


Then the long process of laying the stone begins. The process involves mortaring in rows of "dragon's teeth" and then filling in the void in the center with concrete.

Dragon's teeth

Still in progress as of Spring/Summer 2018 ...